◎30th - 31st October, 2021

             The exhibition of "Odaiba Camping Car Fair in Tokyo Bigsight"

             located in Tokyo Bigsight Oume Hall-A will be held during from

             30th Oct., to 31st Oct., 2021. We are looking forward to meet 

             many customers!

  ◎18th - 19th September, 2021

             The exhibition of "Yokohama Camping Car Show 2021" located

             in PACIFICO Yokohama Hall-D was held during from 18th Sep., to

             19th Sep., 2021. Our Cooler for Motor Home use was also displayed.


  ◎6th September, 2021

             The Exhibition of "Caravan Salon 2021" was closed on 5th Sep.,

             2021 safe and sound. First of all, Thanks for many customers

             who visited our Booth!! The number of people who attended

             this exhibition was 185,000. As your reference, please see the

             following "Final Report".

             The Exhibition of "Caravan Salon 2022" will be held during from

             26th August, 2022 to 4th September, 2022. We also will attend it.

Caravan Salon 2021 Final Report(EN).pdf
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  ◎27th August, 2021

               The Exhibition of "Caravan Salon 2021" located in Dusseldorf,

               Germany was held from 27th August, 2021.

               We are also participating in this exhibition as usual.

               (Hall No.13, Booth No.13D43)


    Website of Caravan Salon 2021 is as follows;


               The number of people who attended the exhibition of "Caravan

               Salon 2020" was 107,000 (smaller than usual number), because

               of the attack of COVID-19. I hope that the number of this year

               is larger than last year with keeping the protect of infection!

               And then, I hope that our products become more well-known

               than before!!!

  ◎25th August, 2021

               Tech Center located in North ShinYokohama Area and Logistic

               warehouse located in Fujisawa City will be combined and be

               moved to the following address from 18th October, 2021.

             【New Title】



             【New Address】

                  15-15, MinamiYana 3-Chome, Hadano, Kanagawa 257-0003, Japan.

             【New TEL & FAX No.】

                   Sales Division         : +81-463-73-8444

                   Technical Division : +81-463-73-7238

                   Logistics Division  : +81-463-73-7248

                   FAX No.                   : +81-463-73-8454

  ◎16th August, 2021

               "Unmanned Mobile Police Station" of Joint Project between

               Mikasa Manufacturing Engineering Design Co.,Ltd. and Dubai

               Police was displayed in Daikanyama T-Site Garden Gallery.

               Our DC Inverter Cooler was installed in this Police Station.

               Expo2020Dubai is held for 6 months from 1st October, 2021

               to 31st March, 2022 in Dubai, and This Police Station will be 

               displayed for such terms.


    Website of Expo2020Dubai is as follows;    

  ◎3rd August, 2021

                We decided to participate the exhibition of "Chillventa 2022"

                located in Nurnberg, Germany during from 11th October to

                13th October, 2022.

                Heat Pomp Type Room Air Conditioner and Driver for moving

                DC Inverter Compressor produced by us will be displayed.


    Website of Chillventa 2022 is as follows;

  ◎2nd August, 2021

                We made the contribution to Japan

                Guide Dog Association Kanagawa

                Training Center our 1 set of DC

                Inverter Cooler.

                We hope Dogs spend comfortably

                in the Car during hot summer!

← Please crick left side picture, their Website will be




                〒222-0033 神奈川県横浜市港北区新横浜三丁目13番6号


                電話番号:045-620-4095 FAX番号:045-620-4096



                〒257-0003 神奈川県秦野市南矢名3丁目15番15号




                FAX番号 :0463-73-8454   


 ShinYokohama Headquarter

 13-6-202, Shinyokohama 3-Chome, Kohoku-Ku,

 Yokohama, Kanagawa 222-0033, Japan.

 TEL No. : +81-45-620-4095  FAX No. : +81-45-620-4096



 15-15, MinamiYana 3-Chome, Hadano-City, 

 Kanagawa 257-0003, Japan.

 Technical : +81-463-73-7238

 Logistics  : +81-463-73-7248

 Sales         : +81-463-73-8444

 FAX No.    : +81-463-73-8454